Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Pre-Cleanse

In esthetician school you learn to do 2 cleanses. The first is the pre-cleanse and the second the cleanse. You can use the same cleanser twice, but there are some great "pre" cleansers on the market. They are all usually an oil based cleanser, which is OK. Oily skin gals, this is a huge yes to do. It will not clog pores or make your skin more oily. It is basic chemistry, you need oil to remove oil. What it does is allow the make-up dirt and oil to break down on your face, allowing your actual cleanser to do its job and clean pores for a better cleanse. A few I have used and I think are great are Dermologica's Precleanse, Origins Clean energy cleansing Oil, and Bobbi Brown Cleansing oil.

The best way to use these are to apply to dry skin. You want to massage in the skin to make sure it is breaking down the make-up, dirt and oil. Next you want to add a little water and massage in some more. Then rinse. You can start the second cleanse with your normal face cleanser. This is truly a must. If you have ever had a facial you will always get 2 cleanses, so why not treat your skin like it should be. You will see a huge difference in how your skin care works and your make-up goes on. The clarity of your skin will also be noticeable.

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