Monday, June 11, 2012

Shampoo Week

Shampoo is extremely important the fact that it is used every day or almost every day makes it so. I am going to discuss different shampoos this week. Once again I will talk about my love for Aveda, but not today. Today I am going to start with a hair color shampoo. Most colorist will tell you not to use anything with sulfate because it can cause hair to fade. That is true. However, I have found a shampoo & conditioner which is perfect for color treated hair.

Biolage ColorCare Therapie. This shampoo is great. It is clear which works best when you do not want to weigh hair down. There is a very low PH. They use Orchid + UV Complex to moisturize and protect the depth, tone and shine of color-treated hair without parabens or synthetic dyes. This complex really helps with not letting the hair fade. There is a whole line to mirror the shampoo. When you do have haircolor in your hair it is best not to shampoo every day, but if you must this shampoo will help the color and shine last longer.