Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

This is the fountain of youth in a blue bottle. I love this stuff. Their website describes this as a Purely Potent Over-Night Repair. That is certainly is!! It is a lightweight, nighttime treatment. It regenerates, repairs, and replenishes skin for a smoother, healthier skin. It can be used morning and night, however, most repair products work best at night when you skin is resting. It is 99.8% naturally-derived and paraben-free. It has 3 main ingredients which help with retoring, replenshing, soothing and stimulation. The main ingredient Evening Primrose repairs and also is a radiance booster. The cost is $68.00 for a large bottle. It is recommended that you use over a serum, I use a line reducing serum. Place a few drops in the palm of your hand, breathe in, and then press into the face. If you are dry you can use a moisturizer over this, but do allow for the serum to fully absorb. After the first night you will see a difference. I have been using for over a month and can see a huge difference. My skin looks more radiant. My make-up as never looked so amazing either, and I just use at night. I will probably try it during the day. It does say that it is great under make-up. The smell is amazing, it is very relaxing. I highly recommed this product.

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