Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beauty Box 5

My first impression was that the packaging was not near as nice as the other 2, but the products made-up for that. The samples were AMAZING!!! Most of the products were from natural or eco-friendly lines. I received a full size brown pencil eye liner, soy nail polish remover pads, self tanner, a soy based cleanser and Weleda Iris day and night cream. The Weleda day cream has been in all 3 boxes and I was very excited about getting another, it is becoming my go to lotion. This one works by filling out a profile, and then they will select your samples at random. I however missed the deadline and did not submit my profile, and got a bunch of different items and they all look great. I tried the eyeliner, which is like most pencils, but stayed throughout the day and was great for under the eye. I will update later on the others.

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