Monday, February 6, 2012

My Favorites Products: Day 1

My Clarisonic Mia. This is a product I can't live without. I had heard may great things about it, but did not believe the hype. A friend of mine, Shea, told me what amazing things it had done to her skin; and since I worked with her I saw the proof. Her skin was so smooth and clear. I had to have one. I was very fortunate to get this as a gift from my mom, best gift ever. It does have a high price point at $119.00, but it is worth every penny. My skin has never looked and felt so good. I am not sure if it because the Clarisonic is a deep poor cleanser or because it does slough off all the dead skin and my products work better. This miracle worker is for all skin types. It has many different brush heads so it can work with most sensitive skin to a man's thicker skin. You can use it with any cleanser. My recommendation would be a basic foaming cleanser. It is waterproof. The brush moves in a circular motion and does all the work, so there is no extra pressure is needed from you. My skin is radiant. My make up goes on smoother. I stopped using this for a week and could see a dullness in my face. Since then I use it daily. The battery is chargeable and last up to 20 minutes. You only use it for 1 minute each day. If you want a great product I highly recommend this, your skin will love you for it.

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