Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cover Girl Lip Perfection

My first thoughts were how lightweight this lipstick felt. The smell was 2nd, it is kind of a waxy vanilla smell, not very appealing. I can quickly overcome that. Through the day the biggest thing I saw was the staying power. It wore for about 5 hours, through drinks, and lunch. After I ate it seemed to have lip stain look to it, which was also nice. I only had to reapply 1 time.

The product claims to deliver soft smooth lips in 7 days. I have 4 colors I have been rotating, Dazzle: a true pink, Captivate: a pinkish beige, Enthrall: a reddish brown. and Precious: bright berry. I have noticed my lips are smoother, but not really softer. The colors are very vivid, even the more natural colors. If you can find some colors you like I would recommend this lipstick. Be prepared the color on the lipstick itself is much more lighter and muted than what the color is. The staying power is awesome you will love that. You can always apply with your finger for a lighter color. The staying power is still the same.

Top: Enthrall
Bottom: Precious

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