Thursday, February 23, 2012


I received a sample of Algenist from my January Birchbox. It came with a 14 day sample. I used it for the full 14 days and my skin looked awesome. I could really see it working my fine lines where not noticeable. It claims to make a difference in 10 days and I could see a difference in less time. It uses different methods of firming than most anti-aging moisturizers. The key ingredients include: Alguronic Acid which increases cell regeneration and helps with the firmness of the skin. ProPeptide3 are proteins and peptides which restructure, strengthen and repair skin. Avocado and Olive Fruit Oils to moisturize, soften and smooth skin. Phytosterols to enhance moisture, skin texture and repair damaged skin. It is a heavy cream, however does not fell heavy on the skin or greasy what so ever. It is free of parabans, sulfates, and synthetic dyes. There have been many publications recently written on how the technology in this product exceeds others. Sephora has just recently started carrying this product. You can purchase through them or online at The price is pretty steep, at $94.00 for 2 fl oz. I am sure this will last a little while. My 14 day sample lasted about 21 days. You do not need very much. I highly recommend this product.

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